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MoBlock and Hamachi

October 12th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

After installing moblock (a p2p guardian program) I found that my hamachi was no longer working. 🙁

To fix this I had to modify the moblock.conf file in the /etc/moblock directory.
I did so by specifying a network address with a netmask.

Hamachi’s ip-range starts with a 5. So the address would be
The netmask is to allow all hamachi ip’s to connect. Because means we have 8 bits on 1. The line becomes:

Add this line to the IP_TCP_IN line for example and restart moblock with moblock-control restart. After I did this I was able to reconnect with my linux server from hamachi. Hurray!

[update]Ok, maybe you also want to add LOGMEIN to your ignore block list. :S
Do so by changing the IP_REMOVE line into IP_REMOVE=”LOGMEIN”.
Do a moblock-control reload after this to reload the new configuration[/update]

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