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Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2

Last week I bought this really cool game created by Valve.

There is a total of nine character classes to choose from.
Although it is nice to all be soldiers a good mix of classes in your team might mean victory.

I will state some advantages and disadvantages here which might help you pick a class. I will work this one from left to right according to the image displayed here.

  1. Pyro
    • + Spray ‘n pray comes to life with this dude
    • + Burn damage over time
    • + Good against groups standing close together
    • – Limited range
  2. Engineer
    • + Good support class
    • + Can build Sentry Guns, Dispensers (health, ammo, mechanical parts) and Teleporters
    • – Not good as offensive class
  3. Spy
    • + Can sneak behind enemy lines to do mass damage
    • + Cloaking
    • + Backstabbing and Sabotaging mayhem
    • – Servers with FF off will often shoot you in the head when approaching their base
  4. Heavy Weapons Guy
    • + Loads of damage
    • + Health
    • – Slow moving, especially when shooting the minigun
  5. Sniper
    • + Good defensive unit
    • + Effective on long range
    • – Vulnerable on short range
  6. Scout
    • + Good for reconnaissance
    • + Fast moving
    • + Can capture control points quickly
    • – Limited damage
  7. Soldier
    • + Good allround class
    • + Can perform rocket jumps which might give a tactical edge

    Hint: Aim rockets at the ground to prevent enemies from dodging your rockets

  8. Demoman
    • + Good defensive class
    • + Can placy sticky bombs and remotely detonate them.
    • + Can launch grenades around corners and other places one could otherwise not reach
    • – Vulnerable at short range
  9. Medic
    • + Exceptionally good support class
    • + Can support the other classes by healing.
    • + When enough healing has been performed the ubercharge will become ready which grants the medic and its target invulnerability for a short period of time. Exellent in combination with a Heavy Weapons Guy for example.

    Hint: Healing more injured teammates fills your ubercharge quicker

You could also take a look at the Wikipedia page of Team Fortress 2 for additional information.

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