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Setting up Rsync

January 14th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was getting fed up with having to synchronize several folders containing photos. So I was looking for a good way to synchronize these images across the network. I first tried to put the images into Subversion but this turned out to be overkill. So that’s why I put my focus on Rsync.

Rsync has support for incremental file exchange. Not that I am going to use it but it still is cool. I will only use Rsync to keep my photo directories synched with the server. So lets install it.

apt-GET install rsync

Edit the rsyncd.conf file in the /etc directory and create some entries here. Example is my photos entry here.

#file containing username+passwords IN the form <name>:
<password> the file should be readable ONLY BY USER OR GROUP.
#so chmod 660 OR 600 would be necessary.
secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets
motd file = /etc/rsyncd.motd 
#Below are actually defaults, but TO be ON the safe side...
list = yes
# WITH what USER permissions should rsync handle directories?
uid = nobody
#gid = nobody
#On debian GROUP nobody IS mapped TO nogroup
gid = nogroup
#if stricts mode IS TRUE secrets file should NOT be readable BY ALL. TO disable this turn stricts mode TO off. (built IN FOR cygwin users)
strict modes = TRUE
comment = Family Photos
path = /share/photos
auth users = wytze
hosts allow = 192.168.*
hosts deny = *
list = FALSE

Start the rsync daemon:

rsync --daemon

Now you can start synchronizing. Synchronizing works like copying files with scp. So it’s fairly straightforward.

To retrieve a list of entries if listing is enabled:

rsync -avz wytze@debian::

To synchronize files from server:

rsync -avz wytze@debian::photos /opt/my-local-photos

To synchronize files to the server:

rsync -avz /opt/my-local-photos/ wytze@debian::photos

Please mind the trailing slashes. Try out the difference with and without the trailing slash. Pretty straightforward there.

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